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8:00am TO 12:00am
Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé
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About City Garden

A food garden facing the marina with amazing coffee and variety of foods.

We showcase some of our finest coffees (Trucillo) and Gelatos made out of some of the best internationally recognized ingredient brands (Pregel) including many freshly made beverages. Consists of and upper level premium dining section which includes a terrace overlooking the magnificent Indian Ocean and a secluded VIP room for the discerning diner or small groups who wish to have private gatherings in the Air-Conditioned comfort. We also offer the services for wedding functions, private luncheons and dinners etc. with exclusive menus customized to individual taste.

  Opening Hours

  • Sunday
    8:00am - 12:00am

  • Monday
    8:00am - 12:00am

  • Tuesday
    8:00am - 12:00am

  • Wednesday
    8:00am - 12:00am

  • Thursday
    8:00am - 12:00am

  • Friday
    8:00am - 12:00am

  • Saturday
    8:00am - 12:00am

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Male City Atoll,

Male' Island